About Us

“Turn your experience and skills into recognised certifications with the help of B Skills Certified India.”


We thank you for knowing us better.

B Skills certified India is a certification programme run by RSM Foundation (Rashtriya Skill development Mission Foundation), section 4(10) of Act 2012.

What we’re about

Our vision is to be the trusted sector leader guiding skilled workers to achieve their goals. Our mission is to empower people to gain the prior education and skills recognition they need to create new opportunities for their future.
Our focus on compliance ensures our partners and customers feel safe. We do this by providing expert guidance to get the certification you need for a new future.

Following the simple steps of having your skills recognised through RES may have a wide range of benefits for your career and lifestyle.

An initial RES assessment could help you achieve a nationally recognised certification through B Skills Certified India’s partner RSTE / RSTOs.

There are so many benefits to ensure your skills are aptly recognised such as getting rid of any repetition in your training and a whole lot more.

We Value

Leadership: To lead our sector, teams, partners and customers with integrity. To take the role of leadership seriously and invest in the skills and education necessary to be good leaders.

Trust: We are deeply committed to compliance and best practice to provide a service and company built on transparency, reliability and accountability.

Support: We go above and beyond to support our customers, suppliers and colleagues to the best of our ability.

Why Choose Us

B Skill Certified, India Is generating & promoting job-opportunists & job-placement in private sector with 100% guarantee as per abilities with better remuneration and salary.

Our Mission

Government Cannot Provide Jobs to All, so there is Need to Generate Job-Opportunities and Jobs in Every Field of Specialization in Private Sector and to Develop Awareness for Self-Employment among the People

What We Do

Every Person Should be Equipped with At least One Skill For Livelihood as only Few People Get Government Jobs Whereas Lots of Indian Waste their Time, Money and Energy Waiting For Government Jobs. B Skill Certified, India Provides Platform For Self-Employment, Self-Reliant, Self-Independency and Self Job Placement in Private Sector.